Why hiring an independent translator is good for you (and your business)

octobre 20, 2016
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Why hiring an independent translator is good for you (and your business)


Today, as the workforce progressively shifts from a standard 9-to-5 working day to a more fluid labour force, companies capable of adapting quickly to change will have the upper hand. If your business requires experts – such as specialist translators – to open up new horizons, hiring an independent professional is the best way of ensuring the most personalised and effective service. This is what we offer at Wordpuzzle.

Below are 10 reasons why it makes great business sense to hire a solopreneur:

1. Less or no intermediary costs

A translator working from home doesn’t have lots of overheads. They can offer more sensible rates. In addition, independent professionals pay for their own health care and other benefits. Don’t be fooled: overly low rates are a guarantee of future disappointment. Professionals in the field make a living out of their skills, and naturally appreciate respect and fair reward for their contribution. They are partners rather than resources. They are not so much coal for your furnace, as a means to make your gems shine brighter still.

2. Flexibility

Frankly, the main reason why many independent translators have opted to go their own way is because they love setting their own working hours. That same flexibility in hours can greatly benefit you too. Your partner may well be happy to answer your Facebook fans, post a blog, or upgrade your business website after you’re done for the day and have closed up shop.
You may even email your expert a list of tasks on Friday only to find that everything has been done by Monday morning, and is already earning you money!

3. Freedom

Instead of taking on a full-time member of staff, you’ll find it more convenient to work with an external expert on a need basis. Working with specialised professionals, like a skilled native translator, will help streamline your business, particularly when resources are limited.

4. Immediate action, swift delivery

Independent professionals are always motivated to perform an excellent job, and fast. They understand that it’s in their best interest to always be reliable and exceed your expectations. They have no time for office politics or endless agenda-less meetings.

5. Independence

One of the biggest hassles of employing new staff is the need to invest in their training before they’re able to boost your bottom line. Highly skilled independent translators are accustomed to working solo. Once you’ve clearly established what has to be done, provided some background and made your expectations clear, you’ve finished. You won’t have to explain everything in detail or provide training. Their job is to help you do yours.

6. More innovative

Generally, one-(wo)man-firms are more innovative and receptive to new technology, cutting-edge ideas and suggestions. While large firms can of course offer wonderful and innovative ideas, freelancers, who are not typically burdened with pre-conceived attitudes, are capable of stepping in and providing cutting-edge solutions for your business design issues, challenging even the best of your professionals.

7. Experience

Successful independent professionals gain valuable experience from working with a variety of different businesses in diverse locations. Every client or job is a source of new knowledge, continually adding to their skillset. Your business stands to gain from this vast experience, acquired through a plethora of sources. Respect their craft: freelancers do not like (would-be) free-riders.

8. Specialists in their field

If your company needs help with a specific task, and you don’t have the necessary skills, you can hire the most suitable professional freelancer for that one-time job. They can lend their expertise and you won’t have to employ someone you’ll no longer need once the assignment is done. Chances are you’ll call on them again, as they will do their best to amaze you.

9. Future availability

You can always depend on your partners for future improvements and upgrades according to your needs. It is rare for entrepreneurial linguistic consultants to abandon a project they enjoyed working on. Most talented freelancers thrive in their professional lives, allowing them to keep on honing their skills. You will find that those you have a good work relationship look forward to working with you again in the future.

10. Global market

You will have access to the most capable specialists worldwide, whether in the field of finance, law or biotechnology. When evaluating a potential partner, look at past work experience, diplomas and certificates. As a perk, you may find yourself able to satisfy your customers 24/7 by using overseas workers in different time zones, depending on the languages you require.

What are you waiting for?

Numerous studies have shown that the solopreneurial spirit is thriving, and has a strong future. An increasing number of professionals are leaving their full-time employment to take this lucrative plunge. Investing in an independent professional could in fact bring untold advantages to your business.

(Free adaptation of: https://www.twago.com/blog/advantages-hiring-freelancers/, 12 Nov 2015)

Wordpuzzle is a shared platform showcasing a select group of motivated independent linguists. We can use our passion to develop your business and meet your translation needs. Translation is a beautiful game – allow us to solve the puzzle for you.

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