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Davide Cavanna



Having grown up in the hills of Piemonte, in north-western Italy, I went on to learn German, English, French, and Spanish. I have been working as a freelance translator since 2008, with in-house stints at the Council of the European Union in Brussels and later Amazon Europe Core S.à.r.l. in Luxembourg. I love my profession and deliver high quality translations across sectors and companies, with a focus on the Swiss market. Familiar with the legal, business, finance, and luxury sectors through work in a fund management company in Luxembourg, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Multilingual Communication from ETI, University of Geneva, Switzerland, and a Master’s degree in International Law from the University of Sussex, in Brighton, United Kingdom. I love swimming in the open air, watching ancient films people have never heard of, and discovering song lyrics in languages I wish I knew.

Barbara Angerer



I grew up in bilingual South Tyrol and that’s where my German and Italian come from. French is the language I currently live in, English is my travel money, and Russian my passion. I hold a Master’s degree in specialised translation and conference interpreting from the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Geneva. With over six years of experience in translating (economics, finance and law), almost four years in (web) publishing and event organization for a Swiss think tank, six years in the public information department at the United Nations Office in Geneva, as well as working experience with financial institutions, charity foundations and in foreign language teaching, I have been freelancing as a translator and conference interpreter since March 2015. When I don’t translate, I teach languages to children in hospital, cook Indian food and listen to radio podcasts in Spanish.

Shun Yao



Born and raised in Shanghai, I decided to devote myself to the world of translation and inter-cultural communication after being influenced by this city rich in adventures and diversities. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies and surviving the exchange year in freezing Moscow, I was determined to continue exploring the world by anchoring in Paris for my master’s degree. Thereafter, with three master’s degrees respectively in International Commerce, Eurasian Politics, and French-Chinese translation from Paris-Sorbonne and Inalco, I gained experience through multiple gigs on the international scene: I worked for the Philharmonie de Paris in the International Development department as well as for the Centre Culturel de Chine à Paris in the events department. During my missions, I translated a huge amount of official documents in the domains of art, music, literature, and culture for both organisations, some of which are used as the official Chinese version. I’m keen on translating artworks and film scenarios. I have worked with French director Benjamin Mélot in the translation and proofreading of his newest short film "Chinoise".

Katherine Mérignac



Born in London and raised just a stone’s throw from the rugged cliffs of Cornwall near Land’s End, in the extreme southwest of England, I then moved away to study at the University of Warwick and on to France on completing my BA in French and International Studies in 1992. I discovered a passion for and began translating full time in 2004. Over the years I have established solid partnerships with companies in the fields of medicine and health, working for big names in the French pharmaceutical industry. I also translate regularly for firms and associations specializing in fields as diverse as robotics, social sciences, politics, communication, marketing, gastronomy, and metallurgy. A trusted language professional can be a great ally in successfully crossing language and cultural barriers, and I am always happy to learn new disciplines and specialisations with a view to long-term collaboration.

Mikhail Gindinson



From my birthplace at the foot of the Ural Mountains, I moved to Nizhny Novgorod in pursuit of my dream – becoming a translator. Having completed a master’s degree in translation (English, French, Russian), I started my long and exciting career, constantly enriching it by the experience I received in sales, tourism, and logistics. It has been ten years since I focused entirely on my main profession. Numerous clients from all over the world (including companies listed in Fortune 500) entrust me with challenging translation projects, in areas diverging from economics, IT, and marketing to tourism, sport, luxe, etc. I love conveying ideas and concepts between people that do not speak the same language. And I love seeing the fruit of my work.

Delphine Gesché



Growing up in the French countryside, I started to learn languages at the age of nine, when I spent six months in England and in Germany as an exchange student. A few years later, my passion for foreign cultures brought me to Taiwan, which became my home for a year, then to Brussels where I studied interpretation (German & Spanish > French) at ISTI. After my master’s degree, I backpacked through South America for six months and moved back to Belgium to work for an insurance company in Antwerp, where I learned Dutch. I have been a freelance translator and interpreter since 2016 and mainly focus on marketing texts (magazines, websites, flyers, etc.).

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